classroom-catechesisHere are four themes essential to solid classroom catechesis:

1. The Importance of Prayer
Consider focusing on the following:
a. The example of prayer (how is prayer modeled by the catechists)
b. learning common prayer (yes, by memorization)
c. Experiences of prayer (praying the Scriptures, prayer services,
intercessory prayer)

2. Using Scripture
A. Scripture is the foundation for all catechesis. Use it as the foundation to each lesson.
B. Sacred Scripture nourishes, inspires, strengthens and sustains us as followers of Christ.

3. The Church

  • The Tradition of the Church is vital to hand on. This is the Deposit of Faith being handed on from one generation to the next. It is not “my faith” or “my vision of Church” its is from God and it is guarded by the Magisterium who seek to pass the faith whole and entire to others. Don’t be afraid of being old fashion or behind the times because you faithfully share the truths of the Catholic Faith and the teachings of the Church.

4. Connection to the Liturgy
A. The liturgy itself teaches
B. The Eucharistic celebration brings the community of believers together to pray and receive grace.
C. Without catechesis making the connection to the source and summit of our Faith we miss one of the most important aspects of our Faith…at the heart of our catechesis has to be the paschal banquet where we encounter Christ in the most profound of ways.