I like to read In Conversation with God by Fr. Francis Fernandez during Advent.  He has a lot of great insights, but let me share one of them…

“If we are aware that our sight is clouded and that we don’t see clearly the radiance emanating from Bethlehem, from the infant Jesus, it is time to rid ourselves of whatever impairs our vision.  Now is the time for a specially good examination of conscience and for a thorough interior purification which will befit us to receive and to welcome that expected guest who is God.  It is the moment to take note of the things that separate us from Him, to loosen their hold and cast them from us.  Our examination, then, must penetrate to the very roots of our actions and scrutinize deep down in our hearts the motives which inspire our actions. ” 

How do we pass this on to others? Below are ideas for both children and adults.

To Children… let me share 3 ways:

1. Give students an examination of conscience and walk them through it.

2. Help studnets see that the meaning of this time of year is not in things but in giving and sharing the joy of Jesus with others. 

3. Have students to make a list of things that are not material.  Reflect with them how material things come and go but love, joy, peace, family together, family caring for each other means far more than a toy or video game that can break or be stolen or become outdated.


Helping Adults…let me share 3 ways:

1. Invite another adult to your parish Penance Service during advent.

2. Put an advent calender up in your office or work space and watch others take interest.

3. Pray for an opportunity to share why this season is more than giving gifts and keeping up with the “Joneses”