On Sunday our parish provided a session for all parents who have chosen Home Study for their child(ren).   This year we have asked all families who are choosing to home school (we call it Home Study) their child to attend 4 session that would foster a bit of community as well as learning.  33 out of 70 attended.  Not great, but not too bad.  I gave a reflection on Advent and making room for Christ in our lives this Christmas.  We then had the students break up into four groups where they spent 15 minutes at each station focusing on one of the 4 themes of Advent (taken from the 4 themes of the Advent Wreath/candles).  So I recruited 3 of my catechists to help lead a station (I also led one): Hope, Peace, Joy & Love.  Here is what each station covered:

Hope: students were given a large sheet of paper and listed how they could bring hope to  1)Family, 2) friends and 3) into their own lives. 

Peace: Students reflected on St. Francis of Assisi’s peace prayer and listed where there is hatred_________ and how they would sow love _________. They did this for each part of the prayer. 

Joy: Students resolved to live joy each day of the week Sunday: how they would live joy…Monday: how will you live charity when at a Christmas party….when seeing Christmas decorations…when shopping…etc…

Love: studnets listened to music and when the music stopped they sat down (but there was one less chair than student).  The one standing had to answer how will you live love… when your at school this Advent…when wrapping Christmas gifts, when shopping for others, etc…


It was a very fruitful afternoon.  Studnets and parents hopefully were given a lot of practical suggestions to reflect on this Advent season.  May God bless them and help them live the true meaning of Christmas.  Come Lord Jesus!!!