old-testament1Last week I was invited to a nearby parish to present on the Old Testament to those going through RCIA. This was their first introduction to the Bible so I also helped them understanding some basics. I was pleased with the feedback that it was clear and helped those present understand how we got the Bible and how to understand the “big picture” of the Old Testament.

When teaching the Old Testament it is important to help children and adults know that it is not merely something with lots of stories and lots of laws. The Old Testament is the story of God’s relationship with His chosen people, the Israelites. It is about God’s love, His plan for His people and His plans to unite mankind back to himself through the coming of the Messiah.

There are 4 main parts that reveal all of this:1. The Pentateuch (the book of God’s Law), 2. The Historical books (telling the history of God’s revelation to his people 3. The Wisdom books (sharing God’s ways and holiness with his people and their love for him) and 4. The Prophetic books (God’s warnings, encouragement and telling of the coming of the Messiah).

It is also important to help your audience understand that God communicated His plan of salvation through covenants. Covenants are agreements God made with His chosen people, the Israelites. Covenants are the way God entered into a relationship with His people. How great is that!

The Old Testament is wonderful and full of God’s love for us. He shows us his love and plan for us in the Old Testament and fulfills it in the New Testament through Christ.