scripture1How do you use Scripture in your classroom?  Using the Scirptures in your teaching is key to drawing students closer to Christ and His ways.  Here are three great ways to use Scripture in your classroom:

1) Use Scripture during your Opening Prayer.    Choose a Scripture that connects with the lesson of the day or the liturgical season or the feast/memorial of that day.  This helps studnets see how important it is to turn to God and seek his wisdom and guidance.

2.  Have Studnets look up Scripture. The primary way to helps students be familiar with the Bible is to have them look things up themselves.  This may take a little longer to move forward with your lesson but the value outweighs the cost.  If studnets are looking Scripture up then they are also learning that your teaching is rooted in Holy Scripture.

3. Close your Lesson in Prayer using Scripture.  Seeking God at the end of your class time through prayer and again drawing upon the word of God to direct and lead them until you meet again is important.  It would also be great to assign students a Scripture to look up this week and to pray with.  For example, I’ve asked students to read Psalm 23 everyday this next week to see what God is saying to them.  After a week there will be some who say that God spoke the same thing to them every day they read it and others who share that God spoke one thing one day and another thing the next time they read it.

We want to be soaked in the Sacred Scriptures.  St. Paul said, It is “living and active cutting between bone and marrow” (Hebrews 4:12).  May the students you teach see your love for God’s revelation through the Scriptures.