holymassI was recently watching the program “Sunday Morning” where they were celebrating their 30th year on the air. I found it interesting to see what has changed in the last 30 years. One thing interesting to me a as religious educator is how American’s live Sunday, the first day of the week. Even as recently as the late 1970’s almost everything was closed on Sunday’s. Families gathered at grandmother’s house. Today, we sit at our computer or blackberry and email family instead of seeing them as often as they use to. The CBS show reported that 24% of American’s go to church and noted the same amount shop on Sunday.

Yes, much has changed in just 30 years – our means of communication, our weekly schedule, our use of words, and so much more, but one thing that is consistent for a Catholic is Sunday Mass. This time to gather to celebrate our faith and worship Christ. I find it troubling that so many parents today find Sunday Mass optional. The busyness of life contributes to so many missing Mass.

God’s commandments do not change, even when circumstances and society does. Sunday Mass is our lifeline to God through him communicating to us in His Word (Sacred Scripture) and giving himself to us in the Eucharist. This is the greatest gift of our lives. Let us pray that parents and religious educators may continue to seek the source of their salvation and strength – Christ.

Here are 3 ways to make Sunday a special family day:

1) Go to Mass as a family. In a busy world if families go to Mass they can sometimes struggle to go together. It is important to go together sharing this holy hour as a family.

2) Read the Mass readings together before Mass or sometime on Sunday and reflect on how your family can live the Scriptures out in your everyday life.

3) Eat a meal together and do something that allows your family to spend some quality time with one another. This allows everyone to reconnect and enjoy the most important people in their lives.