Here are some ways I suggested tofamilies in our parish to grow in their faith this Lenten Season. 


Get your Lent off to a great start by making plans for the upcoming 40 days.  These 40 days can be a great way to grow as a family and slow down a little bit in order to take more time to grow in your love for God and neighbor.  The three primary areas of focus during Lent are prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  Lent is often seen only from the fasting lens where adults and kids “give up” something.  This may be the best thing for your child to do but if they do not grow closer to Jesus as a result then it might not be the best idea.  I would like to share with you 5 ways to make this Lent a great opportunity to grow in holiness. 

5 ideas

1.         Family Focus Discuss as a family what you will do this Lent. 

        Take the time to talk about what you will do to grow closer to Christ this Lent.  This year try doing something as a family as well as something that each person in the family does individually. 

2.         Consider doing something different each week. 

        No, it might not be as challenging, but it might help keep the focus on making many  sacrifices in order to grow closer to Jesus constantly during Lent.  Keeping it fresh can be a way to keep your child and family    engaged during the weeks of Lent.

3.         Make Sunday Special

        This Lent go to Mass 15 minutes early so you can really prepare for the Holy Mass.  You might want to stay after Mass and have a time of thanksgiving for receiving Jesus in the Eucharist and for this time of prayer and worship with your family.  Also, consider doing a special devotional (Rosary, Bible reading, Stations of the Cross) at home. 

4.         Attend A Parish Event 

        This Lent Ascension will have many opportunities to grow in your faith.  Consider coming to Stations of the Cross at 7pm (Fish Fry at 5pm) on Fridays or an adult faith enrichment event. Also, the parish has a theme this year called “Lent and beyond”. See the bulletin each week for more details.

5.         Pray, Fast, Give

        Take the opportunity to be prayerful this Lent.  Fast from extras to help remind you of the Sacrifice Christ made for you and me.    Finally, seek to give through the operation rice bowl (given in SOR class), possibly performing some service outreach with your family.  Support a need  in our community (Catholic Charities, homeless shelter, kid organizations). And don’t forget to give your love and help to your family members.

God bless your Lent!!!