holyspiritdoveThe year is about to begin and you are getting your catechists in place and books ordered, classrooms ready and contacting parents.  Many programs gather their catechists who will be teaching, sharing, and passing on our rich Catholic Faith for some form of Catechist In-service, training or beginning of the year meeting.  This year this is how I designed our Catechist In-Service.

I. I opened with Prayer using Scripture (Mt. 9:35-38)

II. Catechists shared why they have responded to being a catechist this year and something they are looking forward to.

III. I gave a reflection of the Year for Priest and how catechists can celebrate it in the classroom and at home.

IV. Break Out Sessions – I offered three workshops 1) How to connect with your students 2) How to link the liturgical year with weekly lessons and 3) How media and art can be a teaching tool in the classroom.

Catechists were able to pick two out of the three workshops to attend for a half an hour.  Then we concluded by handing out the Catechist Guides/manuals and notebooks and discussed some important details.

It was a fruitful evening and many catechists were excited as they left for all that God has for them this year.  Praise God…May He be praised through all the efforts of our generous volunteers who have responded to this essential apostolate to echo Christ and help each child be transformed.