Year of VocationTheresa Johnson from Catholic Heritage Curricula wrote some great points about the impact of parents regarding the spiritual lives of their children and how they can help their children grow in their awareness and understanding of their vocation.  Here thoughts are below:

  • We introduce our children to their Heavenly Father from their earliest years.
  • We train our children to whisper into the very Heart of Jesus, and then to listen for His voice.
  • We surround our children with roadmaps of the Way.  In our Catholic homes, we teach them to take the Blessed Virgin’s hand so that she might lead them to her Son.   As a family, we participate in the life of Christ in His Body, the Church.   The very materials that we use to homeschool are selected because we yearn to have our children immersed and formed in Christ.
  • We desire nothing more than that our children learn to incline their ears to God’s voice, and be obedient to His perfect will.  This is the secret to their eternal happiness!
  • In the depths of our hearts, we pray that our children will respond generously to everything that God asks of them, knowing that He created them for a specific purpose, and that their lives will never be fulfilled unless they respond unreservedly.
  • As parents, we also without reservation give our children back to God, for they will only reach the joy of their fulfillment in His glorious and perfect will.

Childhood is certainly the time to begin forming little souls for eternity.  That formation sets the stage for decisions that our children will make as they reach adulthood.  Is God calling them to the vocation of marriage?  To the single life?  To religious life?

A solid, Catholic education certainly plays a part in shaping hearts and minds so that they might be prepared intellectually and spiritually to discern their vocations.  [Remember that ‘discernment of vocation’ isn’t limited to religious life alone, but any vocation to which God calls.]

When making any choice, it is of course necessary to have a choice!  That is, we have to know the options to weigh the options.  Because we as parents have answered the call to the vocation of married life, that is usually the vocation and choice that we, and our children, are most familiar with.  To examine the alternate call to religious life, we must reach outside our families to expose our children to this vocation, this choice.

An excellent website that features solid, orthodox communities along with a wealth of information on discerning God’s call is: