There are many things catechists can do in the classroom during Lent to help students grow closer to Christ.  God invites us to enter into this season not simply as one more year to prepare for Easter but as a unique opportunity to deepen our love for Christ and our neighbor.

The Goal of Lent – An Olympic medal.   No Olympic  medalist – Gold, Silver or Bronze is ever thought of as being lukewarm or lazy about the preparations and sacrifices made in order to win a medal.  The sacrifices are numerous – up early, hours of preparation a day, everyday for years, a healthy diet, saying no to good things in order to best prepare for their Olympic sport.

Here are four things to consider with your students:

1)  Seek to engage your students during each class you have with them this Lent by drawing them to a greater prayer life (go beyond just saying an Our Father and Hail Mary – consider some quiet time, time in the church, prayerful music or a guided meditation).

2)  Engage them in activities that they can do during the week to remind them of the meaning and purpose of Lent.  I’ve dedicated a whole class period to Lent and doing activities they could take home and use during the whole of Lent (e.g., taking a calendar where they write something they do each day of Lent to using sacrifice beads to make small sacrifices throughout the day.  But also consider taking 10 minutes of each class during lent where you give your students an index card to write one sacrifice they will do everyday this week to help them live Lent and grow closer to Christ.  Have them share how it went during the next class.

3) Share your own experiences of sacrifices and practices you are doing to grow this Lent.   Your words of wisdom and personal story will help prepare them and inspire them to make sacrifices that will help them grow in their relationship with God.

4) Challenge your students to be that disciple who carries there Cross in order to better follow Christ.  He will provide us with life’s true call and true meaning.

We want to be able to be on that podium of medal winners (Heaven) knowing that with God’s grace and our “yes” we modeled by our sacrifices the ultimate sacrifice He made for us.  May your classes this Lent be fruitful!