The Year of the Priest began in June.  The Church in the United States has celebrated by focusing on beauty and grace of that vocation.  Many parishes are praying a prayer for vocations and hosting special days to focus on the vocation of Holy Orders to name just a couple examples.

At my parish we have put a vocation prayer in our bulletin, placed that same prayer on the front cover of our hymnals, established a vocations committee, hosted vocation days for 3rd graders and 5th graders in our Catholic School and prayed a family vocation prayer and hosted a 7th grade vocations fair in our School of Religion Program.

I would love to hear from others how they have celebrated the Year of the Priest in their parishes and diocese.

I will leave you with the prayer that we’ve encouraged and promoted in our School of Religion Program:

Heavenly Father, in the example of the Holy Family, you teach us how to live as a loving family.  From Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we learn that you have given each of us a special place in your plans for the world.  Each of us has a call-avocation-to be holy as a married, single lay person, or as a priest, a deacon or a religious brother or sister.  Make us a kind and understanding family so that we will help one another discover his or her vocation and follow it faithfully.  With Mary and Joseph, we ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen (a prayer written by the Knights of Columbus).