This year all our students were tested on their knowledge of the material they covered during the year. Some students did well and others did not.  An end of the year assessment helps our program for 3 reasons:

1) We see how well the students retained the marterial that was covered.

2) It helps our program know if we have a need to cover certain parts of the faith better.  If maybe one 3rd grade class did well and ther other did not it helps us become aware that maybe it is about the catechist’s need to grow need to improve or be more equipped. 

3) Assessments help parents see what their child may need to improve upon.  They are are great means of bringing awareness to parents which is a priority in our program.   

Granted an assessment of knowledge is only one component of a child’s faith formation.  Far more important is their relationship with God and their desire to grow closer to God.  It is, however, one way to asses students progress.  May Christ, the divine teacher lead and guide us always to transmit the Gospel to the students in our religious education program.