This year our program is sending progress reports to parents as a way to communicate with them how their child is doing in class. We send them out twice a year (December and May).  Progress reports are helpful for 3 reasons:

1) It allows catechists to communicate with parents how their son/daughter is doing regarding their attitude and growth in knowledge in the classroom. 

2) It communicates to the parents that what we are doing in the classroom/faith formation environment is important.  By showing a child’s progress or lack of it we are communicating that we want to help their child grow. 

3) It also gives catechists the opportunity to encourage, constructively comment and share to parents about their son/daughter.  This primarily gets communicated in the “additional comments” section. 

I had the form saved on a publisher document so I cut and pasted to a word document (therefore it looks a little less polished on the Word document). I’ve attached a copy below:

Progress Report