I had posted this a while back under “The Ideal Catechist”.  I was looking to pass this on to some catechists and thought I’d post it again with a few edits.  Also, I think “The Effective Catechist” is a better title.

The ideal catechist is first and foremost a witness of Christ.  He/She seeks to authentically transmit the truths of the Faith to others by modeling Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through them. Here are a few characteristics (in no particular order) that an ideal catechist in a parish would seek to live out in their ministry as catechists.

1. Be active in the community where they serve.

2. Be committed to this apostolate (defined as an association of persons dedicated to the propagation of a religion or a doctrine).  It is more than merely volunteering.

3. Be enthusiastic about the Catholic Faith.

4. Be flexible to allowing the Holy Spirit to lead.

5. Have a growing knowledge of Scripture and Tradition (be immersed in growing in your faith).

6. Love those you are sharing the Faith with.

7. Be patient (meeting the students where they are at).

8. Be a person of prayer (don’t underestimate the power of praying for your students and your ministry as a catechist).

9. Be punctual: Teaching the next generation the importance of being on time is very valuable.  It makes a difference when they see us calm and collected when they arrive.

10. Be self-assured: Be sure of what you have prepared and trust the Holy Spirit to lead you.

11. Have a sense of humor – joy and laughter opens others up to the message you are proclaiming.

12. Have a willingness to be a team player – none of use does it on our own – we can always learn from others.