Most religious education programs have ended for the year.  DRE’s and catechists breath a little easier now that there is one less commitment in their already busy schedules.  Students enter into summer full of summer activities.  What do you do over the summer months?

Our parish has VBS next week (June 7-11) and then we have a unique alternative summer program (July 12-23) where students attend for 3.5 hours a day for two weeks to fulfill that grade level’s religious formation requirements.  Needless to say, at my parish, the summer is full.  I work on ways to implement new things and improve upon what we did over the past year.

For example, last summer I spent a lot of time creating and implementing a new format for our Year II Confirmation classes (mostly 8th graders).  This summer I plan working on the Year I Confirmation (7th grade) curriculum as well as tweaking the Year II Confirmation lessons.

What do you as a DRE over the summer?  What do you do as a catechist?  Your input and feedback would be great!