I recently received an email asking me to share the feedback I received from the end of the year evaluations I gave to catechists and aides.  Below you’ll find three things that I thought might be interesting to readers of this blog.

Here are some responses I received under “Name Two ways you would improve our program”:

  • Offer the catechist magazine to whomever would like to order it
  • Have more tests and quizzes and supply grades, even if they aren’t binding
  • Provide email addresses of parents (This was put down very often)
  • Promote ways that the catechists can get to know one another better
  • Schedule a class with the pastor on a particular subject (we did this a few time with grades 1-6) but not with the 7th grade class.
  • Have kids go off site and do corporal works of Mercy.
  • Limit class size to 10-12 kids (some classes had up to 14-17 kids)
  • Have more speakers and have a Mass with the students participating (we did a closing Mass where we had the 6th graders involved)
  • Easier access to TV/DVD
  • Better involvement, communication and interaction with parents.
  • Allow easier access to internet in the classrooms
  • Use Bible every week (make kids look up Scripture)
  • More Lectio Divina (in upper grades)

Some responses to “Name two things you like about the Program”:

  • Structure of classes (this was said multiple times)
  • Stations of the Cross and All Saints Day event
  • Lesson Plans/outlines for each class (mentioned multiple times)
  • So many materials and supplies available (this was mentioned multiple times)
  • Having Reconciliation during class and Mass at various times throughout the year (mentioned multiple times)
  • Communication with parents
  • Nursery provided for the volunteers
  • Prayer time in the church that was organized
  • The various speakers who came to talk to the kids
  • Like the Vocation Fair (7th grade had this)
  • I liked the spiritual information given to us
  • I liked having a co-catechist (mentioned multiple times)
  • Support from staff (mentioned multiple times)

Some Responses from “Give two suggestions for involving parents”:

  • Have parents be an aide on a rotating schedule basis (this was the most common response)
  • Create focused questions for parents to ask their kids at home
  • Continue to send home the “With My Family” Page from the textbook – maybe have rewards if they bring it back
  • Have a class Mass with parents
  • Parent/child service project or trivia night
  • Do interactive lesson on Sacrament of Marriage involving parents
  • Sign and fill out weekly handouts
  • Homework that kids have to work on with parents
  • Bring your parents to class days (We did this in 2nd grade)
  • Have a parent prayer chain for the children and their teachers
  • Have a parent meeting at the beginning of the year (I did this and got sparse attendance)
  • Use parents as faith witnesses
  • Have parents lead the opening prayer and/or closing prayer

What about you?  Did your parish provide an evaluation?  What feedback are you receiving?