This summer I’m using a program put out by the Maryvale Institute and the Catholic Truth Society (out of England) called Echoes.  It is different than what many people have heard of – Echoes of Faith.  “Echoes” is a parish-based training resource and an initial formation program for those who are in parish ministry.  It is designed for anyone handing on the faith, whether to adults or children, providing a rounded formation in the central aspects of the Catholic Faith and how to transmit it to others.  It is designed to be taught in 11 hour and a half sessions, however for the last two years I have taught it in two five hour sessions.  It is a great resource and very valuable.  I have enjoyed very much being the presenter for these sessions.   Our Archdiocese recognizes this a basic level catechist certification.   I have the second session this Saturday (Come Holy Spirit).