The conclusion of our School of Religion program today marks the halfway point for our students.  This week was full of growth in their knowledge of the faith as well as opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus through prayer experiences, participation in Stations of the Cross and a church tour.  Students also grew in their knowledge of prayers (each grade has prayers they are asked to learn), crafts activities and time to prepare for their end of the year (last day) class presentations.  It was a blessed week!  Many parents feel like their children learn more during these two weeks than they would during the year (mostly because it is the only thing they are doing related to classroom learning).  I’m thankful for the catechists and all the volunteers that make these two weeks so successful.  I’m also grateful that most of the behind the scenes things went smoothly.  But I am ready for a little rest (as much as possible with a 3,2 and 1 year old at home) this weekend. 🙂