Last Friday our parish concluded it’s two week Summer SOR (School of Religion) Program.  On the last day we had a Mass and class presentation from each of the 15 classes (1st, 3rd – 6th Grades).  I was not sure how this would go but I wanted to do it for two reasons 1) I wanted it to be a way to help the students articulate what they learned over the two weeks as well as a way for them to see one another (learning from each other).  2) I wanted to build a greater sense of community with parents.

I think we accomplished both very well.  Many parents not only showed up for Mass but also for the class presentations.  Each class gave about a 5 minute skit or summary of what they learned using props, songs, and gestures.  The catechists and students were so creative.  One class did a top 10 list of why going to Mass is so important, another class used our theme this year, light of the world, and did a rap to it.  Another class used the beads of a life size Rosary to articulate the different aspects of what they learned.  The sixth grade class was asked to learn the St. Micheael the Archangel prayer (written by Pope Leo XIII) and they sang about the prayer.  All the skits were great and it was very encouraging and fulfilling to see all that students had learned and grown in their faith over the two weeks.

I hope to do something like this during the year as well.  Praise God!

All in all the 2 week Summer Program was a success and many parents love it because they believe their child learns more in the two weeks than they do once a week from September – May.   I just hope that continue the learning through the year.  Come Holy Spirit!