1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you… The Holy Spirit is our interior teacher and our constant guide as we pass on the faith to others.  It is the Holy Spirit who uses us, our words, our actions, our joy, our love for God to inspire those we teach.

2. Prepare and Review your lesson – Preparation is 70% is the success of your lesson.  If you take the time and prepare you are in a position to have a very successful class.  Don’t forget to review your lesson before you walk into your classroom.  That way, you’ll be ready to execute from the start with no wasted time (especially since the average religious education class is only between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.)

3. Have materials ready – Be ready before arriving at class with the materials you will need to carry out your lesson.  That way, you won’t need to go after something in the middle of class or you won’t need to take any time in front of your students doing last minute prep work.

4. Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to the hearts of your students – We should not only pray that the Holy Spirit works through us but also that the Holy Spirit speaks to the hearts of our students.  It is the Holy Spirit who is drawing them closer to Himself.  We must beg God for His help so that they will be touched, so that they will encounter Christ more fully through each lesson we cover.