Over the last week I have done 3 different in-services for different grade level catechists and aides as we prepare to get our year started.  This year our Religious Education Program (or as we call it in our area School of Religion) is taking the theme “Light of the World” based on Matthew 5:14-16.  Together with a team of  coordinators this theme was chosen.  We wanted a theme that we could focus on throughout the year.  Our emphasis on this theme is twofold:

1) We as catechists and aides are called to be a light to our students sharing our Faith and our love for Christ.

2) We want to encourage and empower our students to be a light in their lives.

I did an introduction to the theme at the beginning of each of the in-services.  In addition to talking about light I focused on our call as catechists to be holy.  Christ is calling us to be saints (see Matthew 5:48).  The more catechists and aides seek to grow in holiness in their own lives the more the students will see that and aspire to do that same.  We hope though our love of Christ and His Church our students will also seek to grow in their love of Christ and in their relationship with Christ.  Without this, all the facts our kids learn does not have much depth.

What have you done for your In-Services.  Is your parish doing anything regarding a theme?