It has been 100 years since the birth of a great soul – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta or as the world knows her, Mother Teresa.

The Lesson of Calcutta written by Fr. Robert Barron is amazing.  Here is one sentence that captures the article well:

It is the supreme paradox of the Christian spiritual tradition that we become filled with joy precisely in the measure that we contrive a way to make of ourselves a gift. By emptying out the self in love for the other, we become filled to the brim with the divine life.

At the heart of catechesis Pope John Paul II said we find a person – Jesus Christ.  The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity became that supreme gift to us by emptying Himself so that we could inherit eternal life.  Mother Teresa and her sisters model a life of true joy that can only be found by a complete and total gift of oneself.

Whether you are a DRE or a catechist I pray the programs you are a part of this year fosters that joy that is found by knowing and loving Christ.