As Advent continues, consider fostering this attitude of expectation through a desire to grow in God’s grace.

St. Alphonsus Liguori once spoke about our need to receive the Body and Blood of our Lord: ‘There will be those who say: ‘that is exactly why I don’t go to Communion more often, because I realize my love is cold…’  If you are cold, do you think it sensible to move away from the fire?  Precisely because you feel your heart frozen you should go ‘more frequently’ to Holy Communion, provided you feel a sincere desire to love Jesus Christ.

Isn’t this at the heart of our preparations in Advent… a sincere desire to love Jesus Christ more fully?

St. Alphonsus continues by quoting St. Bonaventure: “‘Go to Holy Communion even  when you feel lukewarm, leaving everything in God’s hands.  The more my sickness debilitates me, the more urgently do I need a doctor.'”

Advent is a time to allow the fire, the flame of God’s grace to melt the frozen parts of our heart.

3 Ways to Encourage the flame of God’s grace in our lives and our students:

1. The Sacrament of Reconciliation – Confessing our sins and receiving the healing and mercy of Christ in this sacrament greatly assists us to be more full of God’s life.

2. The Sacrament of the Eucharist – Especially each Sunday at Mass, but also daily Mass if possible will allow us to encounter the Word made flesh, which is the most unique way possible while living on earth.

3. Daily Prayer – taking time to pray and reflect enhances our awareness of Christ as well as draws us into that marvelous exchange of friendship with God.

May your Advent journey continue with a great joy and hope as we live this Season of Expectation!