I sent a note to my School of Religion parents and this is what I ended it with:

As we begin a new year I’d like to leave you with this thought:
During the course of 2011 we all wish for good things. Whatever is a part of God’s providence for you and your family remember that at the end of 2011 if you loved God and loved your neighbor that is what will make it a good year and one that God is pleased with, even if it was terrible because you lost your job, got sick, ate bad food, or lost a friend because you lovingly spoke the truth.

Here is a good quote to begin 2011:
“The new year will bring us our share of happiness and our share of trouble, and we don’t know how much of each. A good year for a Christian is one in which both joys and sorrows have helped him to love God a little more. It is not a year that comes, supposing it were possible, full of natural happiness that leaves God to one side. A good year is one in which we have served God and our neighbour better, even if, o the human plane, it has been a complete disaster. ” (In Conversation with God, Vol. #1 by Fr. Francis Fernandez)