Do you ever wish for a brief summary of the Faith where in a nutshell you can give an explanation of the Faith?  The General Directory for Catechesis in paragraph 37 gives a great summary of Divine Revelation.  The central mystery of the Catholic Faith is the Holy Trinity and that is why I love the way this paragraph articulates how God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) has revealed Himself:

37. The “providential plan” (75) of the Father, fully revealed in Jesus Christ, is realized by the power of the Holy Spirit. This implies:

– the Revelation of God, of his “innermost truth”,(76) of his “secret”,(77) of the true vocation and dignity of the human person; (78)

– the offer of salvation to all men, as a gift of God’s grace and mercy,(79) which implies freedom from evil, sin and death; (80)

– the definitive call to gather into the family of God all of his scattered children, thus realizing a fraternal union amongst men.(81)