The Call

The leadership role of a parish catechetical leader is crucial to the overall success of a religious education program.  In my first post on this series I shared how I would be exploring “the call and responsibilities of those who have a leadership position in the catechetical ministry of their parish, especially when it pertains to the religious formation/education of adults, youth and most specifically and commonly, children.”  I believe it is essential for a catechetical leader to be called to this ministry of passing on the faith.  The introduction of the NCD states: “The Holy Spirit has given all those responsible for catechesis in the Church a vocation and a mission to sanctity (pg. 20).”  Therefore, it is vital that all catechetical leaders live out their vocation which the Holy Spirit has initiated.

A Response

A catechetical leader, whether they have a PhD or minimal training, has been called to proclaim the Gospel, lead others to Christ and joyfully pass on the deposit of faith given to the Church by Christ and His successors.  Faith is a gift which follows a response.  God’s gift of redemption is a gift that seeks a response.  Working in a ministerial role in the Church naturally requires one to respond to Christ’s call “to bring about in the believer an ever more mature faith in Jesus Christ, a deeper knowledge and love of his person and message, and a firm commitment to follow him (NDC, pg. 54)”.

The Holy Spirit’s Guidance

I can remember as I grew in my faith, especially during my college years, how I experienced the call and desire to pass on the glorious heritage of the Catholic Faith and share it with others.  It did not happen all at once but over time through prayer, study and many encouraging individuals helping me discover and properly discern my call to ministry.  During my studies in theology, I was continually inspired and encouraged by the Holy Spirit to share my faith and help lead others closer to Christ.  I continue today to be grateful to this call and for giving me the grace to respond.

As a DRE or CRE how did Christ call you to this ministry?  Who helped you respond to this important work in the Church?