Does anyone remember the days when the Catholic response to someone complaining or speaking of their suffering was “Offer it up”?  Even though it is not a common response anymore, it is a good reminder that we can unite our lives with Christs’ through our daily sacrifices and daily struggles (big and small).  Catholic Icing posted a great idea about making an offering box (that’s where I got the picture).  Kids love to make little sacrifices for Jesus.  Teaching them about offering up little things for Jesus is a great way to help keep lent a part of what they are doing throughout their day.  Jesus offered up His whole life and we can teach kids to find small ways to offer up their desire for various things (sweets, snacks, pop/juice, going without TV, video games or Wii).  Also, teaching them to offer up their loving acts/deeds to Jesus (cleaning up their room or the kitchen without being asked or collecting money for those less in need).  They learn that all this can be a way to unite their lives with Jesus’ life.