The Season of Lent can be challenging in many respects.  A challenge I experience is to find the time to do some good spiritual reading during these 40 days.  The starting place for spiritual reading is the Sacred Scriptures.  Nothing is more valuable to our spiritual growth in the area of reading as spending time not only reading but meditating and reflecting upon Scripture and God’s word to us.  I also recommend a book that will bring personal  growth and spiritual renewal to your life.  The spiritual classics are great (e.g., books by St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Francis De Sales or Thomas a Kempis).  Other options might include a biography of a saint or a daily meditation book (e.g., In Conversation with God by Fr. Frances Fernandez).

Lent is a time to slow down and continue more intensely our spiritual journey.  Time spent reading and reflecting on the spiritual truths your reading introduces you to, or reminds you of, cannot be underestimated – it can have an inestimable value.