Recently the diocesan newspaper had an article that talked about “spicing up” your fish during lent in order to not have to eat the “same old” on Fridays.  That’s funny, I thought a little more bland and same old is what is encouraged during the Lenten Season.  Isn’t less more during these 40 days?   The opportunities to spiritually grow during Lent are truly endless, however, many don’t like to “go without” or change what they are use to whether it’s what (and how much) they eat from day to day or the amount of time spent on the internet at night or even watching TV.

Take the opportunity this Season of Lent, if you have not already, to change up the way you do things.  I find that doing things like not eating between meals, going without the usual dessert or not watching TV all help me to better reflect, see more clearly, and become more aware of sin in my life.  Having and doing less produces more spiritual awareness and insights to my walk with Christ.  Christ wants more for us – but it takes risk and a willingness to go outside of our comfort zones.  Less of me and my wants = more of Christ.