A Dinner Like No Other

Imagine this dinner…the “Last” Supper that these 12 men (11 before the end of the dinner) would have with their Lord, Master and friend, Jesus Christ.  He gave them something truly incredible – His very self.  It was their First Holy Communion.  They experienced a communion not only of being in His presence, as they had been for 3 years, but they now celebrated and encountered Him by receiving Him and becoming living tabernacles filled with God.  I can barely get my head around it – Jesus Christ is present in the flesh of His body and in the flesh under the disguise of bread and wine at the same time.  At the Last Supper, He is giving His total self to them and will physically do the same the day after this amazing paschal meal.

First Communion Then and Now

Thousands of new Catholics (fully initiated into the Church) will receive their First Communion this Easter Vigil and thousands of 2nd graders over the next two months.  The miracle of the Eucharist, of simple bread and wine that are transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ will come into the lives of so many in a new, more complete manner as they not only take and receive but encounter their divine savior filling them with nothing less than God’s very self.  No greater love, no greater wonder then this!

The Apostles didn’t have any gift giving and party after their First Communion but their memory of that Last Supper was never forgotten and transformed them beyond their wildest imaginations.

Thank you Jesus for giving us yourself so that we can be more fully transformed and one with you.   May we be changed beyond our wildest imaginations every time we encounter you in Holy Communion, Amen.