Pope Benedict recently concluded a series of talks on the role of saints in the Church and living a life of Holiness during his Wednesday Audiences at the Vatican.  He ended the series by discussing 3 ways to be a saint, stressing the fact that holiness is not only for a select few but for all.  Here is what he shared:

1) “Never let a Sunday go by without an encounter with the risen Christ in the Eucharist; this is not an added burden, it is light for the entire week.”

2) “Never begin or end a day without at least a brief contact with God” in prayer.

3) “And along the pathway of our lives, follow the road signs that God has given us in the Ten Commandments, read in the light of Christ; they are nothing other than explanations of what is love in specific situations.”

This should be the very minimum for those involved in any form of ministry.  The good news is that it is not burdensome or time consuming, but does require a willing and open heart who will intentionally choose to follow Christ and live a holy life.  May the Holy Spirit continue to lead you and guide you!

I’ll conclude with the following words from Pope Benedict: “How great and beautiful and also simple is the Christian vocation seen in this light. All of us are called to holiness.”