I recently found a good link to praying the Rosary.  I found it to be a helpful site explaining the basics.  I would have explained that the Glory be prayer and the Fatima prayer are prayed between the 10th Hail Mary Bead and the next Our Father Bead but I’ve seen it explained both ways.    Pope John Paul II shared the following about Objections to the Rosary:

“The timeliness of this proposal is evident from a number of considerations. First, the urgent need to counter a certain crisis of the Rosary, which in the present historical and theological context can risk being wrongly devalued, and therefore no longer taught to the younger generation. There are some who think that the centrality of the Liturgy, rightly stressed by the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, necessarily entails giving lesser importance to the Rosary. Yet, as Pope Paul VI made clear, not only does this prayer not conflict with the Liturgy, it sustains it, since it serves as an excellent introduction and a faithful echo of the Liturgy, enabling people to participate fully and interiorly in it and to reap its fruits in their daily lives.

Perhaps too, there are some who fear that the Rosary is somehow unecumenical because of its distinctly Marian character. Yet the Rosary clearly belongs to the kind of veneration of the Mother of God described by the Council: a devotion directed to the Christological centre of the Christian faith, in such a way that “when the Mother is honoured, the Son … is duly known, loved and glorified”.(8) If properly revitalized, the Rosary is an aid and certainly not a hindrance to ecumenism!

3 Ways to Foster Devotion to the Rosary in Your Religious Education Program:

1) Pray a decade of the Rosary at the beginning or end of your class meditating on 1 of the 20 mysteries.

2) Take 20 minutes now and then to help your students become comfortable with praying the Rosary.  Seek to help engage them, not just recite it at a pace merely to get to the finish line.

3) Pray the Rosary for your students by offering up your intentions for them.

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