On Monday I wrote a post regarding Pope Benedict’s address to the Bishops of India regarding sound catechesis.  He also spoke to these bishops about transformation and how it is at the heart of our proclamation of the Faith.  He said:

“Christian revelation, when accepted in freedom and by the working of God’s grace, transforms men and women from within and establishes a wonderful, redemptive relationship with God our heavenly Father, through Christ, in the Holy Spirit.  This is the heart of the message we teach, this is the great gift we offer in charity to our neighbour: a share in the very life of God. “

3 practical ways to communicate it

Here are 3 ways to communicate the life-transformation of Christian living and teaching.

1. Lead Catechists spiritually.  Encourage their spiritual growth.  Many times we merely want to empower our catechists intellectually or focus on strengthening their skills, but struggle to make the time to help them grow spiritually.  Find ways through the times you gather with them or the emails and letters you may send to them helping them grow and develop spiritually so they in turn will be better able to help those they are serving.

2.  Show catechists how they are not only to pass on the wonderful and rich content of the lesson plan but also how they can help their students/audience see the spiritual truths within the lesson – especially those spiritual truths that assist them to encounter Jesus.

3. Pray for your catechists, have catechists pray for their students/those they are catechizing.  Prayer is powerful!

After all our aim is to help others have “a share in the very life of God”.