Do you like to develop skills and habits that foster good experiences for students in your classroom?  I stumbled on a website that quoted from Joe Paprocki, Author of The Catechist’s Toolbox, who came up with 7 habits for highly effective catechists.  These 7 great habits should be developed and maintained by every catechist.

1. Ongoing Formation – they never stop learning about and growing in their faith.

2. Planning and Preparation – they prepare their lessons thoroughly and prayerfully.

3. Creating a Learning Environment – they create a learning space that is conducive to faith formation.

4. Using Engaging Activities – they know how to make their learners active, not passive.

5. Maintaining Discipline – they know how to keep order.

6. Leading Prayer – they not only include prayer in their lessons but create a climate of prayer that pervades their lessons.

7. Positive Presence – they utilize skills that command attention and encourage participation.

Visit Joe’s catechists blog:

Maria Rivera also wrote an article on effective habits of catechists:

Any Habits you’d like to share?