The Buzz Word of the Third Millennium

Evangelization is a buzz word that we hear a lot about.  We use to think of it as something you did to people who were not Catholic or Christian.  However, today we know that we need to evangelize to those around us not about who Jesus is and what He is inviting everyone to, but we need to evangelize with our lives.

Jesus the Evangelist

I sometimes get the impression that we don’t think of Jesus as being an evangelizer as much as we think of Him as the one we “evangelize about”.  The General Directory of Catechesis in paragraph 34 said:

He [Jesus Christ] was the first and supreme evangelizer. He proclaimed the Kingdom of God, as the urgent and definitive intervention of God in history, and defined this proclamation “the Gospel”, that is, the Good News. To this Gospel, Jesus devoted his entire earthly life: he made known the joy of belonging to the Kingdom, its demands, its magna carta, the mysteries which it embraces, the life of fraternal charity of those who enter it and its future fulfillment.

How Are You Evangelizing?

Today, at a day and age where sin is bringing scandal to the Church and this Church of sinners is being seen by the world as equally wounded and captive to sin (at least in some respects).  We need to evangelize by the way we live our faith in the grocery store, at the beach, in the movie theater, at a wedding, and at a friends bachelor party.  Today there truly is an urgent and definitive need to proclaim the Gospel and help others experience it as good news in our world.  Don’t get me wrong, lots of “good news” is happening.  We just need to pray and seek to make the joy of Jesus and his grace present in all aspects of society.

Be Committed to Prayer

Through a life of prayer Christ will do great things in and through us.  Let us ask Our Lady to assist us in being the evangelizers we are called to be:

We ask you, Mary, to help us to fulfill this mission of evangelization which your Son has given to his Church and which falls to us. Mindful of your role as Help of Christians, we entrust ourselves to you in the work of carrying the Gospel ever deeper into the hearts and lives of all the people. We entrust to you our missionary mandate and commit our  cause totally to your prayers. To Jesus Christ your Son, with the Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit be praise and thanksgiving forever and ever.  Amen (prayer from