familyonporchThe other day I was talking with a fellow DRE and we were discussing an interesting and very sad mindset of some parents today. We’ve both have had parents tell us “why do I have to do this activity at home regarding religion with my child?” that it why I send him/her to your program.”

It cannot be understated that parents are the most important formers/ educators of their children.  They know their child best emotionally, physically and spiritually more than any other person.  Weather a child attends Catholic School or not, parents have the primary responsibility of helping their children grow in faith.

Check out what the Church Documents say: the-churchs-teaching-on-the-role-of-parents-in-the-education-of-the-faith

It is clear that Religious Education Programs and Catholic Schools must reengage parents in their primary role as educators of the Christian life. Parishes and schools are partnering/collaborating with parents. It is true that parents are very busy and their time and energy is admirable to send their child to grow and learn about the Faith in the many programs provided by parishes and schools, but they are secondary to what parents should be fostering and doing in the home. May the Holy Spirit lead and guide parents to be authentic and equipped witnesses of the Faith.

3 Ways to Equip Parents

1. Always communicate with parents how important their role in passing on the faith is.

2. Continually provide ideas on how families can live the Faith at home.

3. Require parent involvement in sacramental preparation and faith assignments and activities.