I’m am not usually a fan of America Magazine but when I saw this posted from the NCCL newsletter I found it very interesting.  The September 19th edition of the Magazine had an editorial about Steve Jobs and asked the question,  What would the church of Steve Jobs look like regarding how it would reach out to young people?

The last paragraph asked the following:

“One hears that young people want what the church has to offer, but they cannot find it in that church. The delivery system fails. Imagine a Bishop Steve Jobs. What would his diocese—the Diocese of Appleton, perhaps—look like? How would entrenched interests react to his challenge? What is out there in plain sight that he would see and point out to fellow church leaders? How would he change not the message, not the content, not the words but the delivery system? The human side of the church could use the energy of new vision.”

How would you answer this?

What about the delivery system in the Church is going well and what needs renewal or in the technology world what “updates” need to be made?