I found the following filed away and I just pulled it out and thought it would be worth sharing.

Top Ten “To-Do’s” with Primaries

By Kelly Renz

  1. Show great reverence for the Bible, the church space, God’s name, etc.
  2. Use images kids can identify with to understand faith terms.
  3. use the senses and employ multi-sensory teaching.
  4. Get kids – and yourself- moving.
  5. Ask lots of questions; lead them to think, consider, analyze, compare.
  6. Talk frequently about emotions; it helps them apply their own experience.
  7. Be inclusive; draw in every student, even the most shy.
  8. Be joyful and enthusiastic about your faith; it will be contagious!
  9. Recognize good behavior often; never shame or belittle.
  10. Never assume they know how to pray; expose them over and over to all forms of prayer.

The one caveat I would say is number 6.  It is great to apply things to their own experiences but primary age kids love hard and fast rules and facts so be sure to tap them into what is true and what God wants them to know about Himself.

Would you add anything to the list?