As I look around at all the Halloween decorations in my neighborhood, at stores and around town I think – we are innately liturgical people.  When I see how much people decorate and prepare for Halloween I believe people by their very nature love to celebrate.  This is so powerful to think about – we love to recall, gather and rejoice together – it’s built into us and our desire is to respond by making known and rejoicing together. Isn’t that awesome?!

So as we approach the secular feast of Halloween and the Catholic Feast of All Saints Day let us be people who celebrate God in our lives.  Let us remember that the light of Christ and His saints conquers the darkness of sin and evil that is seen through costumes, decorations and scary music on Halloween.  After all we were created to party!

Fr. James Kubicki, S.J. has a nice video reflection about Halloween.  Check it out:

Fr. James Martin, S.J. also has a good video clip worth checking out on Halloween and All Saints.