As we enter into this Third Week of Advent we are called to live the joy of the Lord.  As I reflect on this theme of joy, I thought of how Catechists need to catechize with joy and help students discover the joy of living a life in Christ.  How do we do this not only in Advent but throughout the year?

 3 Ways to echo joy in the classroom and beyond:

1) As a catechist, a sure sign of a life lived in Christ is your  expression of joy through your teaching and sharing of your faith.  Teach with a spirit of joy so that your students will know that you love Christ and are happy precisely because you are following Him.

2) Joy pushes out sadness.  Life if filled with challenges and struggles.  When we focus on them we become sad and discouraged which prevents us from conveying to others that we find our hope and joy in Christ.  Fr. Fernandez wrote in his book In Conversation with God, Volume 1: “Unless we forget ourselves, and are not too much taken up with our own affairs, we will not be able to know and serve Christ, in whom is our true happiness.  Anyone excessively self-centered will find it very difficult to discover the joy of opening himself out towards God and towards other people (pg. 116).”  Joy and a spirit of service draws others to Christ and His abundant life.

3)  J.O.Y. – Jesus.  Others.  Yourself.  When we live our lives focused on Jesus first,  Others second, and Ourselves third we truly find a peace beyond understanding whether we are experiencing challenges or blessings.

May this third week of Advent be a time where we remember that a life reflecting the joy of the Lord is one that draws us to the wonders of the Word who became flesh and the Word who will come again to draw all men to Himself – May we give Him permission!


How are you fostering Joy this Advent?