It’s is midway through the year.  Where does the time go?  I once heard it said that the days go slow but the years go fast.  I now understand this to an even greater degree with a 4,3 and 2 year old.  Time does seem in so many ways to fly by.  I thought halfway through the year it might be helpful to evaluate your ministry by considering the following:

1) How have you connected with your students?

2) Are you successfully getting through each lesson?  How well are your students retaining what you are covering?

3) Do you feel like you are engaging your students?

4) Are you helping your students grow in their friendship/relationship with God?

5) Are you looking to your DRE and veteran catechists for ideas and wisdom?


Continue throughout this year in the classroom to be aware of the ways you can assist your students as you proclaim this powerful and exciting “Good News” and  lead them to a more dynamic relationship with Christ!


Do you have any other things that would be good to consider when evaluating ones ministry mid-way through the year?