I pray your Lent has begun well!  Here are some good suggestions from Fr. Barron about what to consider during Lent.  Below the video clip I’ve included a few more ideas.

  • Make a paper chain for the 40 days of lent.  Write things to do on each paper such as pray the rosary, smile at everyone, do something for someone that they did not ask you to do. Open one each day and follow through on that action.
  • Create a Good Deeds Jar – Put 40 tasks/ideas in a jar and have kids take one at the beginning of each day.  Examples Read a story from the Bible, sleep with no pillow and pray for the homeless, go to confession, give someone at school your dessert as an act of kindness, do someone else’s chore today.
  • Make a Lenten cross out of wood or dough with 6 holes for candles for each of the 6 weeks for Lent like the Advent wreath 5 purple candles and a rose one in the center to be lit the fourth week
  • Make a Lenten calendar with things to do each day or write in what you did as you go along.
  • Lenten Sacrifice Beans – Dye Lima beans purple and put one in a jar to record each Lenten sacrifice
  • Give something up for Lent. You can choose to avoid sweets, stop listening to your favorite music, give up lengthy showers or some other pleasure in favor of self-mortification. Unite yourself with Jesus’ sufferings on the cross during your Lenten sacrifices.
  • Grow in virtue as you observe lent as a Catholic. Decide to work on one virtue, such as charity, chastity or honesty, as part of your Lenten journey.
  • Observe the Church’s rules for fasting and abstaining from meat during Lent. The Church requires that you abstain from meat on all Fridays in lent, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Traditional Catholics may also abstain from meat on Saturdays as per the older traditions. Ash Wednesday and Good Fridays are both days of fasting during Lent.
  • Attend Mass each Sunday and as often as possible during the week while observing Catholic Lenten practices.
    • Make a humble meal (basic soup and bread) once a week and donate the money you would have spent on meat and dessert to the poor box at your Catholic church.
    • Spend time with Jesus in the Adoration Chapel
    • As a family go to the Stations of the Cross
    • Only Listen to Catholic Radio or K-Love 97.3 FM
    • Read Scripture daily
    • Find a Catholic book to read or website and learn more about your faith
    • Sign up for a daily devotional to be sent such as www.dynamiccatholic.com