In previous posts I’ve shared about how we have a summer program where kids in 1st, 3rd – 6th grade attend for two weeks in July and therefore not attend during the year.  However they are required to attend 4 enrichment sessions during the year.  We recently had our 3rd enrichment session and since Lent had just begun we focused on Lent.  We are always trying to find creative ways to present an aspect of our Faith to this large group of about 200 kids and parents.  Here is what we did:

~ We created a game show called the “40 day Lenten Challenge” where three 6th graders were contestants for the 40 day lenten challenge show.  I’ve attached the Lenten Enrichment Skit for you to check out and get the gist of what they did.

~ The contestants came out 3 times.  After the first time we gave parents and kids a few questions to answer (listed in script).

~ Then I had kids come up and share what they came up with at their tables.

~ The contestants came out again (see script).

~ Then we showed a video called “21st time” to show how we need to look beyond ourselves this Lent.

~ Next we had kids talk with their parents on various ways they could practice Lent this year.  We gave them a sheet of paper that said what can I “cut out” and what can I “do for Jesus” this Lent.  Some kids came up and shared their answers.

~ The contestants came out one final time where they were not trying to compete but came to realize that they could help each other grow and that we are all winners.

~ We closed with a slide show video of Jesus in the dessert and how He did this because He cares for us so much.

We felt this was a great way to get students and parents focused on Lent.  I call this kind of programming one way to implement the New Evangelization because we are bringing parents and kids together to grow in their faith in a fresh and creative way.

What do you do in your Religious Education Program that aims to make the New Evangelization concrete?