May the joy and grace of Christ’s Ressurection be with you in abundance!  From apostolic times the feasts of Easter was primary, and the paschal mystery was the first celebration to have both a time before the feast of preparation and a time afterwards for the extension and completing the celebration.

As you enter into the Easter Season remember it is a season that lasts 50 days.  First and foremost the Octave of Easter is the 8 days the Church celebrates as one day.  This Solemnity of Easter is that significant!  The Easter Season goes all the way until Pentecost.  Let us continue to keep this in mind as we catechize – the power of the Resurrection is greater than any sin or trial.  Let us rise up as Christ did and go with Him and be transformed by His glorious Resurrection!

Jared Dees has a great list of ideas from his website The Religion Teacher that are worth considering and well worth you time to check out.

What do you do in your catechesis that seeks to transmit the joy and truths of the liturgical Season of Easter?

A Happy and Blessed Easter Season to you!!!!