Last week I had the great opportunity to be in England and attend a Year of Faith Conference at the Maryvale Institute in Birmingham.  It was a short trip but packed with wonderful interactions with professors, current students and a conference about the upcoming Year of Faith (Maryvale was the first home of Blessed John Henry Newman after his conversion to Catholicism).  One of the things highlighted was Maryvale’s Year of Faith Website.  It has up-to-date info on what the Vatican, various diocese and parishes will be planning for this upcoming year.  They announced multiple resources that will be coming out this year (you can buy and download at an affordable price from their website).

Another key piece of the day was discussing the 4 major theme’s of Action (or action items) for this year (I will be discussing these  further in a future post).  In Short the 4 themes are:

1. Studying the documents of the Second Vatican Council

2. Studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church

3. Proclaiming the Creed and making an explicit profession of Faith

4. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (particularly on Corpus Christi Sunday 2013 where Pope Benedict has asked the faithful throughout the world to adore the Lord in the Eucharist at the same time (more to come out on this from the Vatican).

Pope Benedict’s Motu Proprio  entitled Porta Fidei is worth reading.  Motu Proprio means “from the heart”.  Pope Benedict wants a reckoning of the Faith and desires that the Christian fabric of the ecclesial community be strengthened and renewed so that the Church will be a credible and joyful witness of Christ.

This year is a part of the New Evangelization and will set in motion great things to come.  Let us pray for all that Christ has for us this year and for His Church so that He may be glorified now and forever!