The upcoming Year of Faith promises to be one filled with blessings!  What about this year are you excited about?  Dr. Petroc Willey, editor of the Sower Magazine and Deputy Director of the Maryvale Institute wrote something that really caught my attention.  In the latest edition of the Sower Magazine, he talks about how in the Pope’s Porta Fidei he asks the People of God to make a Profession of Faith in the upcoming year so as to affirm or reaffirm their faith.

Dr. Willey says that “when we profess the Creed we are choosing the One who is everything since ‘the believer’s [act of faith] does not terminate in the propositions, but in the realities [which they profess]’ (see CCC 170).  The line that really stuck out to me is the following: “In faith the Church reaches out through her profession and touches Christ”.  I think that is so profound.  You don’t hear many talk on Monday morning about going to Mass and getting to profess their faith in God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  They don’t talk about how they are reaching out in faith to touch to encounter Christ through their faith-filled profession and affirmation of the Faith.  I think all of us have a yearning to reach out and touch Christ – not just for healing but for strength or because we desire to praise and thank Christ for his goodness and mercies.  We also reach out to seek to serve Him and be holy has He is holy.  There are so many reasons we “reach out to touch Christ”.  The woman who had been bleeding for 12 years came to Jesus to “touch” Him so she could be healed.  Now that is an act of faith which brought healing and grace.  Without the woman’s faith that Christ could heal her she would have never been healed but with faith the doors to Christ opened.

In this upcoming Year of Faith let us actively and attentively seek to affirm our faith and draw those who are around us (actively practicing and those who have fallen away) to be touched by the graces and blessings of Christ and His Church who profess the fullness of life, love and grace that are eternal!