How do you help others to discern their vocation?  We might think that it’s challenging to find opportunities to talk about one’s vocation, but I would encourage you to reconsider.  Weather you’re in a 3rd grade classroom, in an RCIA session or spending time with teens at a service project you can help those around you consider what God has for them in their lives.  Often the most missed opportunity is to encourage someone to consider the priesthood, religious life or marriage.  Ask them if they have thought about what God is calling them to do with their lives?  Encourage them to really pray about it and to talk with their parents, a priest, a role model in their life about it.  Helping others understand that God is calling them first and foremost to holiness and then more specifically to a vocation of marriage, religious life or holy orders.

God is calling each us us do something and he has great plans for us.  We want to help children, youth and adults be open to what God desires for them and what God is calling them to be.  Last January I posted the following suggestion and wanted to list them again.   Here are some great resources for helping people discern their vocation:

The Archdiocese of Kansas City has 10 suggestions in discerning a vocation.  They also have a good article on 20 signs that someone has a priestly vocati0n that is worth looking at.

Also, here are some great tips using each letter of the alphabet for parents to help foster the idea of vocation in the home and help foster a good foundation so that a person can discern their God given vocation.  Also, go to A Mother’s Rule of Life for some good reflection and input on how to foster your child’s vocation (Catechist can learn from this too).

Here are a few more good general resources:

National Catholic Register article by Matthew Warner: “Teach Your Kids to Help Save the World”

A Mom writes “Why I Encourage My Kids to Consider A Religious Vocation”

The Archdiocese of Boston has a great list of various Vocation Prayers (consider adopting one of them and praying it in your classroom or by giving it to your students.

The USCCB has some good videos.

What resources or tips do you have to recommend about helping others discern their vocation?