Pope Benedict XVI spoke about a wonderful idea to implement the New Evangelization during an apostolic visit to Germany.  This idea is very worthwhile, especially in the West where people find themselves becoming less engaged in the personal lives of others and more productive and busy with all their commitments in life.  Catechesis and the spiritual lives of the faithful need to be rooted in the person of Christ and help them grow in that longing for true happiness and peace which can only be found in Christ.  Here is Pope Benedict’s idea:

Let us return to the people who lack experience of God’s goodness. They need places where they can give voice to their inner longing. Here we are called to seek new paths of evangelization. Small communities could be one such path, where friendships are lived and deepened in regular communal adoration before God. There we find people who speak of these small faith experiences at their workplace and within their circle of family and friends, and in so doing bear witness to a new closeness between Church and society. They come to see more and more clearly that everyone stands in need of this nourishment of love, this concrete friendship with others and with the Lord. Of continuing importance is the link with the vital life-source that is the Eucharist, since cut off from Christ we can do nothing (cf. Jn 15:5).

Dear brothers and sisters, may the Lord always point out to us how together we can be lights in the world and can show our fellow men the path to the source at which they can quench their profound thirst for life.

What ideas are parishes in your area implementing regarding the New Evangelization?