I was reading an article at the National Catholic Register which discussed keys to leading others to conversion.  We all want to lead others closer to Christ and His Church don’t we?  I know, for me, I desire to share Christ with others and help lead people closer to Him.  Fr. John McCloskey in his book Good News, Bad News: Evangelization, Conversion, and the Crisis of Faith speaks about the importance of personal relationships being at the heart of conversion “a gift of self by the evangelizer”, Father McCloskey says the best approach is a direct one.  Here are the 5 steps he recommends:

1) Ask a friend or family member if he or she has ever considered joining the Catholic Church;

2) Be prepared to answer questions about the faith (which will probably require some study of your own), but be confident that you almost certainly know more than your non-Catholic friend;

3) Engage friends by suggesting good Catholic books and readings (a “Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan” is appended to his book), while sharing the beauty of the liturgy;

4) Know that conversion often takes time and is ultimately God’s work, and

5) Follow up.

In this Year of Faith where so many in our culture have allowed the secular influences to dim their faith, let us seek to reach out and help witness to them the treasure and the blessing of a faith in Christ.