This summer I was preparing for the upcoming year and one thing that I really wanted to do is to provide a series of helpful presentations for parents during this Year of Faith.  I’m providing a series of talks on the second Wednesday of each month during our traditional School of Religion classes as a way to encourage and empower parents in their faith lives as their children attend class.  Last month I provided a presentation on what the Year of Faith is and how families can make it a special year.  This month was on “7 Ways To Help Your Kids Get to Heaven”.  Although I had a low turnout, I felt that those who attended enjoyed the presentation.  Below is a copy of my powerpoint if you want to see the 7 points I came up with.  I want to thank Lisa Mladinich and Marc Cardaronella for giving me some input as I was putting this presentation together.


Let us pray for parents this year that the Holy Spirit will lead, guide and strengthen them to be salt and light to their children and to those around them.


7 Ways to Help Your Kids Get To Heaven